Select your phone carrier and denomination
Write your Phone #, then click Buy Now to make an order. card will be apply to phone online directly (NO Pin to Deliver).
you can call any other phone with a caller ID
click menu and look for your phone information.
Remove the battery cover and check your sim card
call 611 from your cell phone
We still can help you for any other amount but not less than $20 unless you accept to pay the Paypal fees
Some carriers don't offer enough discount rates to cover the Paypal and other fees.
Don't gave up, call the store, send text message several time, if someone answered so probably he/she can recharge your phone instantly, but not available with all carriers.
We check messages and email every 15 min, but you are welcomed to call or send text message after business hours to notify us that you placed an order.
May be you placed your order after our business hours.
May be your payment is not cleared yet in our account
May be for any reason we did not receive your order.
NO you cannot cancel it, also no way to get a refund after we send the payment to your carrier or issue a pin number....Your carriers take the money but never return it back.

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