Frequently Ask a Question


Yes, you can apply and offer extra services to your clients.
Yes, you can sell Pin online. Also the portal offer you RTR to recharge phones directly.
we ask for your ID just to make sure that the account is created to a real person with a physical address in the US.
Yes, you still can apply and attach a copy of your passport with any proof of address.
Yes, there is many cell phone stores add extra fees for there services in addition to the commission they received
You receive your commission instantly, as you collect the full amount from your client, but you're charged only for the amount excluding your compensation or commission.
No, every carrier offer a different discount rates up to 15% per transaction, and they have the right to change it at any time.
Yes, there is no contract or any kind of commitments, so you may cancel anytime. I still have some credit on my account, and would like to cancel my account, How can I get my money back? You can just add the credit remaining in your account to any cell phone or contact us and we can buy this credit and send you the money via Paypal or contact Lopeds and ask to send you a check or deposit the amount in your bank account
The portal give you the option to create many users under 1 account with different login information. But your authorization code is for a single computer, means you cannot login from 2 pcs.