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We provide LOPEDS access, it’s a Point-Of-Sale (POS) Electronic PIN Distribution System) that eliminates the need to stock
physical pin-based cards and allows you to sell cards on demand. LOPEDS will improve your profitability, increase sales, track business performance, and reduce operating costs & we have  pin less, it’s the easiest and affordable alternative to traditional phone cards. and you can reload your customer’s account at anytime.

LOPEDS is a multi-level distribution hierarchy that allows
distributors, agents, and retailers to sell about 30 different
prepaid wireless airtime cards and many international top up
cards on demand without carrying any physical pin-based
cards. It even provides the bill payment feature to over 7,000


Benefits of LOPEDS
Minimized inventory costs
Improved inventory management
Reduced theft and fraud
Lowered sales force costs for delivery and collections
Increased cash flow
Rapid development of new services
No out-of-stocks
Engaged counter or shelf space productivity
Quality reporting for increased profit ability
 Wireless Cell Refills
• No Credit Check
• Everyone’s Approved- Retailers- Individuals
• Earn instant commissions
• Order through our easy website process
• No inventory, equipment or software needed
  Bill Payment
• Increase store traffic
• Earn real-time commissions
• Set your own convenience fees
• Profit from a service everyone can use
• Process payments through our FREE website
• No annual fees, minimums or monthly service charges
  • Computer or Laptop - with Internet Explorer 8 or later.
  • Copy of your photo id
  • Store picture if available
  • NO Experience required

  • I have a retail store but not a cell phone store, can I still apply?
    Yes, you can apply and offer extra services to your clients
  • I have no a physical store, Can I sell Pin online?
    Yes, you can sell Pin online. Also the portal offer you RTR to recharge phones directly
  • Why you ask for my ID or driver license?
    we ask for your ID just to make sure that the account is created to a real person with a physical address in the US.
  • Unfortunately I am not a citizen and have no driver license, can I still apply?
    Yes, you still can apply and attach a copy of your passport with any proof of address.
  • Can I overcharge my customers and add extra fess?
    Yes, there is many cell phone stores add extra fees for there services in addition to the commission they received
  • How long it takes until I receive my commission?
    You receive your commission instantly, as you collect the full amount from your client, but you're charged only for the amount excluding your compensation or commission.
  • Is it a fix commission for all Pin or RTR?
    No, every carrier offer a different discount rates up to 15% per transaction, and they have the right to change it at any time.
  • Can I cancel my account anytime?
    Yes, there is no contract or any kind of commitments, so you may cancel anytime.
  • I still have some credit on my account, and would like to cancel my account, How can I get my money back?
    You can just add the credit remaining in your account to any cell phone
    or contact us and we can buy this credit and send you the money via Paypal
    or contact Lopeds and ask to send you a check or deposit the amount in your bank account
  • Can I have more than one account under my name?
    The portal give you the option to create many users under 1 account with different login information.
    But your authorization code is for a single computer, means you cannot login from 2 pcs.
  • My daughter has hundreds of friends in school and on facebook, can I let her work with me?
    Yes, Why not? the end its your responsibility.
  • How to make sure that my customer get what he paid for?
    As soon as you make any payment through Lopeds portal, you will receive a confirmation with Succeed or Failed. now its available to text or email the receipt from your portal.
    you can always print this receipt to your customer and it include day and time and transaction id and phone number
    Also most of the carriers send a confirmation text message or email within 5 minutes.
  • What if the confirmation receipt shows successful but the customer still has no service?
    First check if you sent the right amount to the correct phone number and correct carrier
    if its not a Pin or RTR and you sent the payment as a Bill pay, it could take up to 24 hours
    if you are sure that everything is correct so its recommended to call the carrier phone number at 611
    if the problem still exist, please open a ticket at Lopeds to issue a refund.


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Earn a commission on EVERY BILL your customers pay!

Prepaid wireless cards are prepaid cards used to refill your mobile as Alltel Wireless, AT&T Go, H2O Bolt, Cintex wireless, Cricket,H2O, Ready mobile, Red Pocket, Reach Out, Sky View, Simple Mobile, Spot Mobile,Movida,Net10,Next G Mobile, Prepay Planet, Page Plus, Ptel, Tracfone, Verizon, Xtreme Mobile, Boost  Mobile, Clear, Lyca Mobile, Access Wireless, Air Voice Wireless,H2O,I Wireless, Pure, Prepayd, Total Call, T Mobile, Ultra Mobile. Online Prepaid Card Store  is easy to buy them directly via Paypal which is very safe. Usually the delivery time is set in 2 hours. If we need further confirmation on a certain order, possibly it may be delayed to 6-12 hours.
All Refills / Recharges are done within our business hours


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