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Sunday, 01 January 2011 | Views: 760


You will fill an application before you submit your order.

This application is for your website and your portal in the same time.

We may use some information from your application into your website ( business name, business phone, email address).

You will receive a private email address and will it automatically forward all incoming emails to your own email.

Once we receive your order with your application and check the information you provided, we will start right away to work on your website.

If you have a logo, photos, or any links you would like to add it to your site, please email it to us asap.

Portal and Dealer code

Your agent will contact you via email within 24 hrs, and will send you 2 application form to fill it out.

Photo ID and a voided check is a must to process your application.

Once you complete all the requirements, your agent will create your account and send you the login information and your authorization code.

The new portal version "TruePosa" with Activation sim card service is now available.

Only qualified dealers with high volume will be able to use the activation service.

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